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Field Services

Onsite Repairs & Service
green-checkOn request, Reed Electric can provide full removal and reinstallation for “turnkey repairs”. Also available, onsite turning and undercutting of commutators, cleaning, and other minor electrical and mechanical repairs.

Laser Alignment
green-checkUsing modern laser alignment equipment, Reed Electric is capable of aligning motors to driven equipment within .001”. Precision alignments result in decreased vibration, resulting in increased equipment reliability.

Vibration Analysis
green-checkProper and timely vibration analysis can have huge impact on overall plant maintenance cost. The measurements can be performed on a periodic basis (monthly, quarterly, etc.) or on demand when equipment is either repaired or when problems are suspected. Reed Electric’s technicians’ are trained and certified to perform vibration analysis with a variety equipment. Vibration troubleshooting, resonant tests, transient analysis, and startup/coast down analysis. Complete vibration plots and reports included.

Electrical Parameter Analysis
green-checkFor Predicting winding failures without removal of equipment. Reed Electric can perform surge, polarization index (PI), and Hi-Pot testing in the field. Complete reports included.

Field Balancing
green-checkOnsite, dynamic, multi-plane balancing available.  Many balance problems can be corrected in the field by adding correction weights to the rotor. This process can easily prevent expensive repairs where motors have to be removed and sent to a shop for balancing.


New Customer?
All of our new customers enjoy a free onsite troubleshooting and evaluation session with one of our technician's. Contact us today to get started !

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