Reed Electric

Repair Services

Types of Equipment Serviced

  •  AC Motors (up to 6,000 Horsepower)
  •  DC Motors (up to 4,000 Horsepower)
  •  Synchronous Motors (up to 4,000 Horsepower)
  •  Generators
  •  Submersible Pumps
  •  Gearboxes
  •  Brakes
  •  Vari-Drives

Shop Features and Capabilities

  •  80 years of experience in repair and rewinding of all types and brands of electric motors.
  •  Authorized U.L. plant for the rebuilding of explosion proof rated equipment.
  •  Complete machine shop in house with skilled machinists and welders on duty.  Equipment includes a 106” swing lathe and 72” vertical boring mill.
  •  Computerized balancing, capable of handling rotating components up to 15,000 pounds.  Schenck model # H5U hard bearing, direct driven, balancer.
  •  8’ diameter vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) system.  VPI process provides maximum penetration of epoxy into windings.
  •  Various modern electrical test equipment for surge, Hi-Pot, and polarization index testing.
  •  Vibration analysis equipment
  •  26’ high entrances
  •  15 ton crane capacity
  •  20’x15’x25’ bake out oven
  •  Reed Electric uses high temperature rated class H (180C) winding materials and inverter duty wire, resulting in a superior quality winding with higher thermal margin.
  •  Stringent incoming and outgoing testing procedures for all repairs.  Complete reports included.
  •  Incoming and outgoing test run and vibration analysis performed with equipment set on a steel seismic test pad.

New Customer?
All of our new customers enjoy a free onsite troubleshooting and evaluation session with one of our technician's. Contact us today to get started !

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